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Loanypto, Lending You Hope & Future! A helping hand that you can count on…

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Why Loanypto?

There are a variety of advantages to choosing Loanypto. Here are some of the most significant privileges of the Loanypto lending platform.

Unlike the traditional financial system, we neither need to carry out credit checks nor require your banking information. Therefore, no credit check is required for allocating a loan.

  • No credit checks
  • No guarantors
  • No verification

You don't have to choose between liquidating your crypto asset or funding for essential expenses. Loanypto makes it possible for you to keep your BixB coins yet acquire a loan.

  • No need to liquid your crypto
  • Save money while earning
  • Get an annual %APY

You can view BixB coins that we take as collateral through your wallet and BixBcoin Explorer. Your collateral is safe as it's stored on the blockchain, the most secure database.

  • Modern security protocols
  • An experienced security team
  • Scam detection & regular scan

The loanypto payment method proceeds simply in 3 following steps: Deposit your BIXBcoin as collateral, choose your desired plan, and use your money to make big ideas happen!

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Excellent user experience
  • Simple registration & purchase methods

Something more than just a loan!

One step closer to making your dreams come true!

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To protect the decentralized nature of our lending platform, we do not ask for any identification documents. It only requires an Email address to register on Loanypto.

You receive a flat 5% interest on your collateral, and it is all yours to keep. Funds can be added and removed only in BIXBCoin.

There is no fee when you deposit or withdraw funds from the platform. However, each plan has a specific interest fee which you’ll pay during the program.

You can acquire a loan in three simple steps: 1- Register on Loanypto with an Email address. 2- Deposit your BIXBCoin to your Loanypto wallet. 3- Choose your desirable plan.

Cryptocurrencies are inherently high-risk products as blockchain technology is new. Loanypto uses a leading wallet infrastructure to ensure the security of assets. It never asks you for your private key or bank account information. Your funds also are safe thanks to blockchain technology, while you should vigorously protect your private key and passwords. For more security, please don’t forget to use the 2FA verification on Loanypto.