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To protect the decentralized nature of our lending platform, we do not ask for any identification documents. It only requires an Email address to register on Loanypto.

There is no fee when you deposit or withdraw funds from the platform. However, each plan has a specific interest fee which you’ll pay during the program.

Cryptocurrencies are inherently high-risk products as blockchain technology is new. Loanypto uses a leading wallet infrastructure to ensure the security of assets. It never asks you for your private key or bank account information. Your funds also are safe thanks to blockchain technology, while you should vigorously protect your private key and passwords. For more security, please don’t forget to use the 2FA verification on Loanypto.

You receive a flat 5% interest on your collateral, and it is all yours to keep. Funds can be added and removed only in BIXBCoin.

LOY is the native token of Loanypto, which is used only as a referral award inside the Loanypto ecosystem. You can exchange it to BIXB using Loanypto internal exchange. (Each 50 LOY is equal to 1 BIXBCoin.)

The development of the blockchain industry is inseparable from the community's support. We have launched a referral program to sincerely invite more outstanding partners to join us. Each user can invite an unlimited number of people to Loanypto with only one referral code. The referrer will be rewarded for each direct or linked user. You will be surprised by the referral ratio, come and join us!

Our affiliate marketing program provides two types of commission fees: 1- Direct marketing, which includes your subset’s first level, & rewards you with 10 LOY (equivalent to 1 BIXB) for each directly invited user—2- Subset marketing related to the other two levels that your subsets have invited by their referral code. You will earn a reward for each indirect referral, equivalent to 3% of their deposit amount.

You can acquire a loan in three simple steps: 1- Register on Loanypto with an Email address. 2- Deposit your BIXBCoin to your Loanypto wallet. 3- Choose your desirable plan.

Since our services are exclusively designed for the BIXBCoin community, currently, we only accept BIXBCoin wallet-to-wallet payments.

We will usually notify you monthly on the maturity date of installments by an email to which your invoice will be attached. You will have five days to pay your installments from that date.

Suppose you don’t pay your installments after five days from the notification email receive date. In that case, your invoice will be closed until the next maturity date, along with a 5% penalty added to your payment amount.

By this date, there is no cancelation or termination policy on Loanypto. Once a plan is started, the user must follow the terms of the Loanypto lending platform until the end of the contract.

There isn’t a deposit or withdrawal minimum as long as you can cover the blockchain fee, but you must provide the required amount of your considered loan plan to be enabled to start a program.

Loanypto acts as a cryptocurrency lender. By doing so, it takes complete control of customer assets when they are deposited as the loan collateral. Loanypto storage wallet provided by MRM Group protects these deposits. 100% of your funds will be blocked as collateral during the plan. Immediately after the end of your contract, your asset will be released automatically.

Since the Loanypto transfer system is entirely automatic, it will process your deposit or withdrawal instantly after you make a transfer. Therefore, it only depends on the BIXB blockchain as a wallet-to-wallet transaction.

Loanypto was created by an experienced team of investment, payment, and technology experts known as MRM Group. Loanypto was looking for a solution to people’s issue in generating returns from their cryptocurrency while using it to purchase a property, start a job, etc., to provide multi advantages of cryptocurrency at the same time. It now enables users to acquire a loan without credit checks or the necessity of a guarantor and don't have to liquidate their crypto assets.